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A ray of light! Cheaper electric bills in Spain for everyone.

Who is Watiofy?

Watiofy is an energy price comparison company that tries to make things simpler and easier for the consumer.

Our mission is to provide free unbiased advice based on transparency and simplifying information about the energy market.

We inform and advise consumers to make the most advantageous decision about their energy bill.

You can rely on us to support you when it comes to understanding your bills, to save money and to help negotiate with different energy providers.

Yes, it’s totally free.

It’s totally free. Our income comes from collaborative agreements with the electricity companies. But remember that our information is totally unbiased; our priority is always the customer.

Why should I switch supplier?

Changing your energy supplier could reduce your bills. But it’s not always about how much cash you could save.

You might be fed up with poor customer service, want greater visibility about your usage via an app, or you might want to choose a supplier based on their eco-friendly credentials.

Will my electricity supply be affected if I switch supplier?


All suppliers use the same infrastructure to provide energy, so don’t let a fear of power cuts put you off asking for a comparison study.

Should you decide to change supplier, your new and old providers will work together to ensure no disruption occurs, leaving you to enjoy the best electricity prices.

We compare a wide range of suppliers and deals from across the market.

Watiofy: Gana Energía
Watiofy: Esfera Luz
Watiofy: Insignia Energía
Watiofy: Podo
Watiofy: Hola Luz
Watiofy: Viesgo

Our aim is to lower your bills. How does the service work?

The rates used in the study are the most recent, as published by the energy providers.